SingleB® Hybridoma Protein Expression

BGE® HTP Antibody Expression

In order to meet the needs of customers for screening a large number of antibody samples in a short time in the process of antibody drug development, DetaiBio launched BGE® HTP Antibody Expression service, which can express antibodies in small quantities and quickly, can be delivered as soon as 2 weeks. Self built high-throughput recombinant antibody expression platform, the throughput can reach 1000 single / month. The service is based on mammalian cell expression system, combined with self-developed proEM high expression vector was transfected into CHO/HEK293 cells for recombinant antibody expression. The final delivery of recombinant antibody with purity >90%, and the requirements of HPLC purity, endotoxin and concentration can be customized according to your downstream application to solve your worries.

Service Features

High Throughput

HTP process from gene synthesis to antibody purification

Highly Efficient

Two-week fastest

Flexible Choice

Flexible choice of
expression scale

Various forms

Full-length Antibody、Fab、scFv、VHH、Chimeric Antibody and etc.



Stage I: Gene Synthesis (optional)
  • Codon Optimization
  • Gene Synthesis
1 week
Stage II: Vector Construction
  • Vector construction
  • Sequencing validation
  • Plasmid extraction
Stage III: Antibody Expression & Purification
  • Cell Transient transfection (1~20mL)
  • Antibody Expression & Purification
1 week
Stage IV: QC & Deliverables
  • Purified Antibody
  • CoA
  • Cloning Plasmid
3 days

Case Study

Full-length Antibody

Lane M: SDS-PAGE Protein
Lane M: Marker

Lane 1: Cell Culture Supernatant

Lane 2: Effluent

Lane 3-5: Elution Component

SEC-HPLC purity>99%

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