SingleB® Hybridoma Protein Expression

Prokaryotic (E. coli) System Expression Service

E. coli expression system is the most widely used and economical protein expression system at present. E. Coli has many advantages including clear genetic background, convenient operation, fast proliferation, low cost, high expression volume and good stability. It is suitable for the expression of a variety of generic proteins, especially for the production of small molecular proteins, but prokaryotic expression is easy to form insoluble inclusion bodies. DetaiBio focused on protein expression for more than ten years with rich experience in inclusion body renaturation, and can provide one-stop service from codon optimization to recombinant protein expression and purification.

Service Features

Highly Experienced

  • 3000+ successfully delivered recombinant protein ;
  • Rich experience in inclusion body renaturation

High Success Rate

  • Success rate > 95%;
  • Multiple packages
  • "no protein, no charge "

Independent R&D

  • Improved soluble expression of protein
  • Optimization of culture conditions

One-stop Service

  • One-stop service from codon optimization to recombinant protein expression and purification


Sequence Analysis & Codon Optimization

1 day

  • Customer provides target protein sequence.
  • DetaiBio analyzes and optimizes rare codons, codon preferences and other factors.

Gene Synthesis & Vector Construction

1 week

  • Synthetic gene Sequencing validation.
  • Cloned into the proprietary high-efficiency expression vector of DetaiBio.

Expression Test & Solubility Analysis

1 week

  • Different strains were selected to optimize various expression conditions to improve protein soluble expression.

Scale-up Expression & Purification

1-2 weeks

  • Select appropriate purification methods and combine with advanced AKTA purification equipment to purify protein

Deliverables: 0.5mg protein; CoA; Cloning plasmid 1μg;Gene sequencing report;Service workflow report

Case Study

Case 1: Expression and Purification of Unlabeled Protein in E. coli

①Electrophoretic test results of supernatant after centrifugation of bacteria

Lane M:Protein marker
Lane 1~2:Supernatant after centrifugation of bacteria

②Protein electrophoresis results after primary purification

Lane M:Protein marker
Lane 1:Protein after PEI and hydrophobic column

③Protein electrophoresis results after secondary purification

Lane M:Protein marker
Lane 1~10:Sephracyl S-100 purified protein

Case 2: Renaturation and Purification of Inclusion Body

①Purification results of primary affinity chromatography after renaturation

Lane M: SDS-PAGE Protein Marker
Lane 1: Supernatant after inclusion body dissolution
Lane 2:Supernatant after incubation with Ni-IDA
Lane 3-6: 50 mM Imidazole elution component
Lane 7-12: 500 mM Imidazole elution component

②Purification results of secondary ion exchange chromatography

Lane M: SDS-PAGE Protein Marker
Lane 1: Effluent after Ni-IDA purification
Lane 2: Effluent after incubation of SP beans 6ff column
Lane 3-4: 50 mM NaCl elution component
Lane 5-8: 500 mM NaCl elution component

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