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SingleB® Hybridoma Protein Expression

Hu-Mouse SingleB® mAb Discovery Service

As a foreign substance, antibody drugs will trigger human immune response, produce drug-resistant antibodies, and be quickly cleared. This immunogen reaction seriously affects the safety and effectiveness of drugs and limits the diagnostic or therapeutic effect. Therefore, it is very important to improve the humanization of antibody, reduce immunogenicity and improve the tolerance in vivo. As of 2019, FDA has approved 30 fully human mAb, accounting for 40% of fully human mAb, of which 70% are from transgenic mice.

DetaiBio uses fully-humanized transgenic mice through self-developed SingleB® rapid mAb discovery platform, directly against antigen-specific memory B cells and plasma cells for double line screening. The delivered fully-humanized mAb is naturally mature in-vivo, and the heavy and light chains are naturally paired, and has been verified by FACS binding function.

CAMouseHG: Fully-humanized Transgenic Mouse

CAMouseHG was transferred into 70 human Ig V-region genes, which could directly express human IgG. The rearrangement is rich in diversity,which ensures the normal development of B cells. Human/mice Ig temporal and spatial expression technology enables the formation of mouse IgM BCR structure in the early stage of B cell development, ensuring the normal development of mouse B cells. When B cells develop to the plasma cell stage, human IgG antibodies are directly produced through class switch.

Service Features

“1+1” Double Guarantee

  • PBC&MBC double screening, double guarantee

Natural Maturation

  • In-vivo natural maturation
  • Natural pairing of heavy and light chains

High Probability

  • High antibody diversity
  • Higher probability of discovery of unique epitopes

High Delivery

  • At least 50 FACS binders
  • Reserve hundreds of clones



Stage Ⅰ Animal Immunization
  • Antigen preparation (optional)
  • Animal immunization
  • Valence determination
2-4 weeks Premium Package

  • FACs binders >50
  • Ensure sequence diversity
  • Antibody sequence and expression plasmid
  • CoA

Economic Package

  • 5-10 ELISA positive clones
  • Antibody sequence and expression plasmid
  • Select one strain purified 1 mg antibody
  • CoA
Stage Ⅱ “1+1”Double Screening
  • MBC screening
  • PBC screening
1 day
Stage Ⅲ BGE® HTP Expression & Functional Test
  • ELISA Assay
  • FACs Assay
1-2 weeks
Stage Ⅳ Monoclonal Antibody Gene Sequencing
  • HTP gene screening
1 week
Stage Ⅴ Expression and Purification of Recombinant Antibody (optional)
  • Transfection level plasmid preparation
  • Transient transfection expression
  • HTP purification
  • Endotoxin control
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Advantages of Human Antibody

Position of HumanizationC-regionRegion except CDR or SDRAll regions
Degree of Humanization60%-70%90%-95%100%

Advantages of SingleB®

DetaiBio SingleB®Phage LibraryBeacon
LimitationHigh technical thresholdLimited by natural library capacityHigh price & Low throughput
Source of AntibodyMBC & PBCMBC & PBCPBC
Heavy & Light Chain PairingNatural pairingUnnatural pairingNatural pairing
Throughput x DiversityHighMediumLow
Timeline1.5 months1-2 weeks1-2 months
DeliverablesFull length antibody sequence & Recombinant plasmidscFv、Fab、VHH sequence & Recombinant plasmid (additional affinity maturation needed)Antibody sequence & Recombinant plasmid

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