SingleB® Hybridoma Protein Expression

Stable Cell Line Development

Different from transient transfection, stable cell line construction means that foreign genes enter the recipient cells and integrate into the chromosomes of the cells, so that the host cells can express the target genes for a long time. Stable cell lines have many applications, such as protein antibody production, signal transduction, drug target research, immunotherapeutic drug development, etc. the expressed protein / antibody has better stability and less batch difference.

DetaiBio provides mammalian stable cell line construction services, and the monoclonal screening process uses unique visual DeepLight® cell screening platform, which is 2-3 months faster than the traditional monoclonal screening process, shortens the development period of cell lines by over 70%.

Service Features

Faster Screening

One month: from DNA to cell line

Higher Screening Throughput

Screening 640K clones at one time

Visualized Screening Results

Optimized cell line with high expression

Stable and High Yield

Recombinant monoclonal antibody can reach 5 g/L

Advantages of DeepLight® cell screening platform?

Limiting Dilution AnalysisDeepLight® Screening
Screening Period8 WeeksOne Day
Cell Separation EfficiencyLowHigh
Screening ThroughputLowHigh
Single Cell ScreeningNoYes


Gene Synthesis

1 week

  • Codon optimization
  • Gene synthesis
  • Vector construction
  • Plasmid Preparation

Cell Transfection

1 week

  • Cell transfection
  • Expression detection
  • WB or ELISA

Stable Cell Line Screening

2-4 weeks

  • On-chip screening
  • MSX screening
  • Stability evaluation
  • Cell cryopreservation


  • 2 selected stable cell lines
  • CoA
  • Sequening report

QC:SDS-PAGE、WB、SEC-HPLC (optional)、Other Tests (optional)

Case Study

DeepLight® Visualized Screening Results

DeepLight® Visualized Screening Results

Cell line with stable and high yield

Cell Line with Stable and High Yield