SingleB® Hybridoma Protein Expression

IVD Kit Development

DetaiBio is a CRO focusing on early antibody discovery, interaction protein discovery, protein and antibody development, with SingleB® Fast mAb Discovery platform, DeepLight® Function Pre Screening platform, BGE® HTP Expression platform and other advanced production technology platforms. Based on the above technical platforms and comprehensive IVD detection platform, DetaiBio launched chemiluminescence, immunochromatography, immunoturbidimetry, ELISA and other IVD platform reagent development services, covering the whole process from antibody development, pairing screening, platform verification, process optimization to recombinant large-scale production.

Why to choose DetaiBio

New Generation Technology Platforms


SingleB® Fast mAb Discovery

“1+1”double screening, which directly screen the specific memory B cells and plasma cells in PBMC, and it only takes 49 days to deliver 5-10 ELISA positive antibody sequences and expression plasmids.


DeepLight® Function Pre Screening

On-chip function pre screening technology directly selects strong positive plasma cells that can secrete functional antibodies.


BGE® HTP Antibody Expression

Independent proEM™ HTP vector and transfected directionally domesticated CHO/HEK293 cells, with 2 weeks speedy delivery.

Comprehensive IVD Platforms

ALP Chemiluminescence

AE Chemiluminescence



DetaiBio has many independent IVD detection platforms, including ALP chemiluminescence, AE chemiluminescence, TRFIA, colloidal gold, latex turbidity, flow cytometry, ELISA, etc., which can provide professional reagent raw material screening, application performance verification, reagent performance optimization and OEM services. Currently, DetaiBio has reached cooperation with domestic mainstream chemiluminescence IVD enterprises on biomarkers containing tumor, hormones, thyroid function, myocardium and other markers.

Three Main Antibodies

  • Classic Mouse mAb: The affinity (KD) of mouse mAb developed by SingleB® Fast mAb Discovery platform can reach 10-9-10-11M, and the ELISA valence can reach 1:500000.
  • High Affinity Rabbit mAb:The antibody has high affinity, and the KD value can reach 10-12M. It can recognize small molecules, PTM, single amino acid substitution and other subtle epitope changes.
  • Alpaca VHH:Without Fc region, the molecular weight is only 12-14kda and the structure is stable, which is not easy to appear steric hindrance. Increased CDR3 and additional disulfide bonds make VHH antigen binding stronger.



Stage Ⅰ Animal Immunization
  • Antigen preparation (optional)
  • Animal immunization Valence
  • determination
2-4 weeks
  • 5-10 ELISA positive clones
  • Antibody sequence and expression plasmid
  • Select one strain purified 1 mg antibody
  • CoA
Stage Ⅱ “1+1”Double Screening
  • MBC screening
  • PBC screening
1 day
Stage Ⅲ BGE® HTP Expression & Functional Test
  • ELISA Assay
  • Determination (optional)
  • Clinical reactivity verification (optional)
1-2 weeks
Stage Ⅳ Monoclonal Antibody Gene Sequencing
  • HTP gene screening
1 week
Stage Ⅴ Monoclonal Antibody Pairing Screening (optional)
  • Recombinant antibody pairing screening
  • Cell supernatant pairing screening (optional)
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Stage Ⅵ Application Platform Validation (optional)
  • ALP CLIA validation
  • AE CLIA validation
  • TRFIA validation
  • Latex Turbidity validation
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Stage Ⅶ Process Optimization (optional)
  • Kit parameters optimization
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Stage Ⅷ Recombinant Antibody Expression & Purification (optional)
  • Transfection level plasmid preparation
  • Transient transfection expression
  • HTP purification
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