SingleB® Hybridoma Protein Expression

Fast Hybridoma mAb Development

The hybridoma cells produced by the fusion of mouse B lymphocytes and myeloma cells can secrete monoclonal antibodies against a single epitope, which can avoid the serological cross reaction between different cells and microbial species or strains, and are widely used in the research of antibody drugs.

DetaiBio provides you with Fast Hybridoma mAb Development customization services. Combinding rapid immunization platform and DeeLight® the cell screening platform, the one-stop service, from antigen preparation to ELISA, FACs and other multi platform verification, can select the best immune scheme according to the nature of the antigen. The Balb/c mice used for immunization are SPF level, with a number of 6-8; Ensure that the ELISA titer of the purified antibody is >1:128000, and the delivered monoclonal antibody can be used in downstream experiments such as immunohistochemistry, ELISA, in vitro diagnostic testing, etc.

Service Features

  • 16 day speedy immunization: with a variety of immunization programs, mice can be immunized in 16 days at the fastest
  • 100k screening throughput: DeepLight® Platform, 640K screening efficiency, 3 times higher than traditional hybridoma
  • Rich experience in development: experience in the development of hybridoma monoclonal antibodies with more than 3000 strains
  • Comprehensive testing services: antibody recognition epitope identification, affinity determination, EC50, IC50 and other tests
  • One stop service: provide downstream services such as antibody sequencing, affinity maturation, anti idiotypic antibody preparation and recombinant large-scale production



StageⅠ Animal Imunization
  • Antigen Preparation (optional)
  • Animal Imunization
  • Serum titer test
2-4 weeks Premium Package

  • 3-5 positive clones
  • Choosing one clone purifying 5-10mg mAb
  • Purity>90%
  • Antibody Sequence
  • Project report

Economic Package

  • 3-5 positive clones
  • the number of each clone ≥ 2 × 106 per ml
  • Choosing one clone purifying 5-10mg mAb
  • Purity>90%
  • Project report
StageⅡ Hybridoma Cell Fusion
  • B Lymphocytes Fuse with Myeloma Cells
4-5 days
Stage Ⅲ DeepLight® Screening
  • Functional Screening of Fused Cells
2-3 days
Stage Ⅳ Culture Expression & Function Verification

Premium Package

  • BGE® HTP Expression
  • FACs Assay

Economic Package

  • Hybridoma Cell Culture
  • ELISA Assay
1-2 weeks
Stage Ⅴ Monoclonal Antibody Sequencing (optional)
  • Heavy&Light Chain Sequencing
1 week

Note: If the customer provides antigen, 6-8mg antigen amount, concentration ≥ 0.5mg/ml, purity ≥ 85%, PBS buffer (without other additives)

Case Study

DeepLight®HTP Screening & Functional Test




Adopt DeepLight® On-chip screening technology can directly screen hybridoma cells that can
secrete functional antibodies.

SDS-PAGE & Western Blot

After purification, SDS-PAGE showed that the antibody had high purity and less heterobands. According to the customer's requirements, WB test was carried out with the antigen to be tested provided by the customer, and the result was positive.

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