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SingleB® Hybridoma Protein Expression

Anti-idiotype Antibody Production Service

Idiotype is an antigen-specific marker unique to each antibody molecule, and its epitope is called idiotope. Anti idiotypic antibody (Aid) refers to the antibody that can specifically bind to the unique position of the antibody to be tested in the variable region. Anti idiotypic antibody can specifically detect antibody drugs in the body, and it is the key reagent for pharmacokinetic research (PK) in the process of antibody drug development. In addition, it has many applications in immunogenicity analysis of antibody drugs, vaccine development, ligand neutralization test and antibody blocking test, as well as transplantation immunity, autoimmune diseases, tumor immunity and other fields.

Based on SingleB® antibody development platform, DetaiBio provides the whole process services from antigen preparation, anti idiotypic antibody development to detection kit development and production. The antibody screening process supports the double screening of plasma cells and memory B cells. Compared with the conventional hybridoma monoclonal antibody development, it saves 100 days, and has better antibody diversity, specificity and affinity, ensuring the sensitivity of downstream kit development and lifting the speed limit for antibody drug development.

Service Features

High Success Rate

Locking specific binding sites in more candidate antibodies

Highly Experienced

Improved kit development platform

Highly Sensitive

The sensitivity meets the needs of preclinical detection

One-stop Service

From antigen preparation to kit development and production

Types of Anti-idiotype Antibody


Monoclonal Anti-idiotype Antibody Production Service

According to the type of antibody drugs to be tested, DetaiBio can provide competitive or non competitive anti idiotypic antibody preparation services. According to the requirements of detection sensitivity, if the detection sensitivity needs to be at the nanogram level, mouse monoclonal anti idiotypic antibody can be selected. If the detection sensitivity needs to be at the peak level, rabbit monoclonal anti idiotypic antibody can be considered.

Antigen Preparation (optional)Customers can provide antibody drug sequences or antibody drug samples (purity >85%)
  • 5-10 ELISA positive clones (ensure delivery of 1 competitive or non competitive antibody)
  • Select one strain purified 1 mg antibody
  • ELISA paired antibody (optional)
  • CoA
Antigen Quality TestingSDS-PAGE analysis of antibody drug samples
Animal Immunization
  • •2-4 balb/c mice or 2 rabbits Immunization
  • Serum valence determination
“1+1”Double Screening
  • Memory B cells screening
  • Plasma cells screening
BGE®HTP Expression & Functional Test
  • Antibody expression
  • ELISA validation
Antibody Purification and Validation
  • Transfection level plasmid preparation
  • Transient transfection expression
  • HTP purification
  • Endotoxin control
Antibody Pairing (optional)
  • ELISA pairing testing
  • Paired antibodies serum sensitivity analysis

Tip 1: Test Methods of PK and ADA Determination

Antigen CaptureAnti-ID CaptureSandwich ELISA
Sketch Diagram
AdvantagesNo need to prepare anti-idiotypic antibodyOnly one anti idiotypic antibody is required Less difficult to developHigh sensitivity
High accuracy
LimitationsLow sensitivity;
Low accuracy
Easy to produce isomorphic cross reactionDifficult development

PK Main Determination Methods

Antigen CaptureAnti-ID Capture
Sketch Diagram
AdvantagesNo need to prepare anti-idiotypic antibodyHigh accuracy
LimitationsLow sensitivity;
Low accuracy
Narrow linear range;
Difficult development

ADA Main Determination Methods

Tip 2: Choosing monoclonal anti-idiotypic antibody or polyclonal anti-idiotypic antibody?

Monoclonal anti-idiotypic antibodies are mainly used to detect the blood concentration of antibody drugs, and can also be used in the evaluation of immunogenicity. Polyclonal anti-idiotypic antibody is mainly used as a positive reference in the immunogenicity study of antibody drugs. It is directly purified from antiserum, which can better simulate the real situation in the blood samples of subjects.

ItemSingleB®Monoclonal Anti-idiotypic AntibodyMonoclonal Anti-idiotypic AntibodyPolyclonal Anti-idiotypic Antibody
AppliactionPK determinationPK determinationImmunogenicity evaluation
Timeline7 weeks20~24 weeks8~12 weeks
AdvantagesHigh specificity;
Short timeline
High specificityBetter imitate situation in blood samples
LimitationsThe immunogenicity evaluation effect is slightly inferior to that of polyclonal anti idiotypic antibodyLonger timeline;
The immunogenicity evaluation effect is slightly inferior to that of polyclonal anti idiotypic antibody
Longer timeline