SingleB® Hybridoma Protein Expression

Mammalian Transient Expression Service

Mammalian cells have the functions of protein folding and post-translational modification. Compared with prokaryotic expression systems and eukaryotic expression systems such as yeast and insect cells, the recombinant proteins expressed by mammalian cells are closest to natural higher biological protein molecules in terms of molecular structure, physical and chemical properties and biological functions. This characteristic makes mammalian cell expression system popular in the development and production of recombinant protein drugs, especially therapeutic recombinant monoclonal antibodies.

DetaiBio mainly uses CHO (Chinese hamster ovary cells) and HEK293 (human embryonic kidney cells) as expression hosts for suspension culture, and can produce mg level to g level recombinant proteins.

Service Features

Highly Experienced

  • More than 10 years of protein expression experience.
  • Over 3000 mammalian protein expressed
  • Multiple types of protein included

High Success Rate

  • CGMP standard cell room
  • Multiple proprietary technologies
  • Over 98%success rate

Independent R&D

  • High expression medium strategy
  • High expression vector
  • High density cell culture technology

One-stop Service

  • One-stop service from codon optimization to protein purification


Sequence Analysis & Codon Optimization

1 day

  • Customer provides target protein sequence.
  • DetaiBio has independently developed MaxCodonTM bioinformatics software to analyze and optimize rare codons, codon preferences and other factors.

Gene Synthesis & Vector Construction

1 week

  • Synthetic gene Sequencing validation.
  • Cloned into the proprietary high-efficiency expression vector of DetaiBio.

Plasmid Extraction & Transfection Test

1 day

  • Determine if the plasmid meets the requirements of transfection
  • Determine the appropriate transfection method and host cells

Protein Expression & Purification

1 week

  • Select appropriate purification methods and combine with advanced AKTA purification equipment to purify protein

Deliverables:0.5mg protein; CoA; Cloning plasmid 1μg;Gene sequencing report;Service workflow report

Case Study

Case1: Expression and Purification of Tetramer Protein

Lane M: SDS-PAGE Protein Marker
Lane 1: Cell culture supernatant
Lane 2: Effluent
Lane 3: Elution component (reduction)
Lane 4: Eluting component (non reduction)

Case 2: Expression and purification of glycosylated modified protein

Lane M: SDS-PAGE Protein Marker
Lane 1: Cell culture supernatant
Lane 2: Effluent
Lane 3-5: Elution component

Case 3: Expression and purification of high molecular weight protein

Lane M: SDS-PAGE Protein Marker
Lane 1: Cell culture supernatant
Lane 2: Effluent
Lane 3-5: Elution component

How to choose the host cell of mammalian expression system, CHO or HEK293?

CHO cellHEK293 cell
Chinese Hamster Ovary CellHuman Embryonic Kidney 293 Cell
Mouse protein, antibody, therapeutic proteins or antibodies are preferredProteins or antibodies from human, pig, rabbit and other species are preferred
Difficult to transfect with low transfection efficiencyEasy to transfection with high transfection efficiency
Transient expression and stable expressionTransient expression
Slow cell growthRapid cell growth
Rarely secretes foreign proteins, conducive to separation and purificationHigh cell growth density and protein expression

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