SingleB® Hybridoma Protein Expression

Introduction of DetaiBio SingleB® mAb Discovery Platform

Single B cell antibody discovery is the up-to-date monoclonal antibody discovery strategy that incorporates single cell isolation and identification with high-throughput expression and sequencing. As opposed to traditional methods such as hybridoma technology and display libraries, single B cell antibody discovery approach directly screens primary, individual B cells, accomplishing antibody discovery in a time-saving and diversity-protecting manner. Therefore, it holds significant advantages in expediting research timelines and discovering antibodies for challenging targets, of low abundance or unique/advanced property requirement(s).

DetaiBio has built up a proprietary, unique SingleB® high throughput antibody discovery platform that fulfills even more than what other existing, major single B solutions can. To maximize screening repertoires, our process detects individual B cells from both memory B (with SmartFlow® FACS screening platform) and plasma cells (with DeepLight® screening platform), and is effective in screening B cells from multiple mammal species, including mouse, rabbit, alpaca, humanized mice and human samples. Besides, our in-house developed single B cell PCR kit makes single cell sequencing, the major obstacle to successful single B cell antibody discovery seen in other single B solutions, an unnecessity. These advantages and other key features make desired antibody generation in DetaiBio happen in a fast-and-easy way. The excellent CDR diversity of obtained antibodies maximizes the possibility of getting candidate(s) robust enough to survive antibody drug development procedures that are full of risks of many kinds, or smart enough to well meet other unique or unusual application needs.

Mouse SingleB® mAb Discovery Service

Most of therapeutic antibodies on market or in development thus far are generated originally from mice. Low-throughput, time and effort-consuming, diversity-losing hybridoma technology, although as the mainstream method of therapeutic antibody discovery, is struggling in discovering qualified antibodies to meet the ever-increasing demands on drug efficacy and safety properties. Advanced alternates are needed to push the bounds of antibody drug sciences.

DetaiBio mouse SingleB® mAb Discovery platform is one of them. With high screening efficiency and minimal hurt to CDR diversity, our experienced scientists discover and deliver antibody that you've ever longed for but is elusiveto de-riskor upgrade your antibody discovery-based research.

Moreover, this mouse SingleB® mAb Discovery platform significantly expedites your timeline. Certain amount of unique, high-quality, FACS-validated antibody hits, can be delivered in as fast as 29 days since 1st shot of animal immunization, at least 120 days faster than traditional hybridoma screening.

Service Features

Highly Efficient

Whole process only takes 29 days
100 days less than hybridoma

Higher Delivery

Deliver 50 FACS binders
Ensure sequence diversity

1+1”Double Guarantee

double screening, double guarantee

Fully Tested

Affinity Ranking
FACs Binding/Blocking



Stage Ⅰ Animal Immunization
  • Antigen preparation (optional)
  • Animal immunization
  • Serum titer test
29 daysPremium Package

  • FACS binders >50
  • Ensure sequence diversity
  • Antibody sequence and expression plasmid
  • CoA

Economic Package

  • 10 ELISA positive clones
  • Antibody sequence and expression plasmid
  • Select one strain purified 1 mg antibody
  • CoA
Stage Ⅱ “1+1”Double Screening
  • MBC screening
  • PBC screening
Stage Ⅲ BGE® HTP Expression & Functional Test
  • ELISA Assay
  • FACS Assay
Stage Ⅳ Monoclonal Antibody Gene Sequencing
  • HTP gene screening
Stage Ⅴ Expression and Purification of Recombinant Antibody (optional)
  • Transfection level plasmid preparation
  • Transient transfection expression
  • HTP purification
  • Endotoxin control
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Case Study

Specific MBC Screening

Specific memory B cells were screened by cell surface marker and antigen.

Specific PBC HTP Screening

With DeepLight® On-chip Cell Screening Platform,peform binding-blocking function screening to obtain specific plasma cells.

Antibody Functional Verification

The obtained antibodies were tested by ELISA and FACS assay.

Antibody Diversity Analysis

The obtained antibodies are analyzed for V-region diversity, and the gene tree can be further constructed according to needs, so that users can easily select antibodies with good drug properties.

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