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SingleB® Hybridoma Protein Expression

Mouse SingleB® mAb Discovery Service

Single B cell antibody discovery is the latest monoclonal antibody discovery technology. This technology combines single cell isolation and identification technology with high-throughput sequencing technology, and takes a single B cell as the starting point to quickly obtain antigen-specific antibodies. DetaiBio SingleB® antibody development technology is applicable to many animal species, with high antibody discovery efficiency and high processing throughput. The obtained antibody is naturally mature in vivo and has rich genetic diversity, which can provide more candidate antibody molecules for the development of antibody drugs.

DetaiBio provides Mouse SingleB® mAb Discovery Service. From animal immunization to obtaining monoclonal antibodies, the whole process is fast up to 29 days, which is at least 120 days less than the traditional hybridoma technology, ensuring FACS binding and sequence diversity.

Service Features

Highly Efficient

Whole process only takes 29 days
100 days less than hybridoma

Higher Delivery

Deliver 50 FACS binders
Ensure sequence diversity

1+1”Double Guarantee

double screening, double guarantee

Fully Tested

Affinity Ranking
FACs Binding/Blocking



Stage Ⅰ Animal Immunization
  • Antigen preparation (optional)
  • Animal immunization
  • Valence determination
29 days Premium Package

  • FACS binders >50
  • Ensure sequence diversity
  • Antibody sequence and expression plasmid
  • CoA

Economic Package

  • 10 ELISA positive clones
  • Antibody sequence and expression plasmid
  • Select one strain purified 1 mg antibody
  • CoA
Stage Ⅱ “1+1”Double Screening
  • MBC screening
  • PBC screening
Stage Ⅲ BGE® HTP Expression & Functional Test
  • ELISA Assay
  • FACS Assay
Stage Ⅳ Monoclonal Antibody Gene Sequencing
  • HTP gene screening
Stage Ⅴ Expression and Purification of Recombinant Antibody (optional)
  • Transfection level plasmid preparation
  • Transient transfection expression
  • HTP purification
  • Endotoxin control
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Case Study

Specific MBC Screening

Specific memory B cells were screened by cell surface marker and antigen.

Specific PBC HTP Screening

With DeepLight® On-chip Cell Screening Platform,peform binding-blocking function screening to obtain specific plasma cells.

Antibody Functional Verification

The obtained antibodies were tested by ELISA and FACS assay.

Antibody Diversity Analysis

The obtained antibodies are analyzed for V-region diversity, and the gene tree can be further constructed according to needs, so that users can easily select antibodies with good drug properties.

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