SingleB® Hybridoma Protein Expression

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Li NN, Huang X, Sun DP, et al. Dual-aptamer-based voltammetric biosensor for the Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigen MPT64 by using a gold electrode modified with a peroxidase loaded composite consisting of gold nanoparticles and a Zr(IV)/terephthalate metal-organic framework[J]. Mikrochim Acta, 2018;185(12):543.
JournalMikrochim ActaIF(2021)5.833
doi10.1007/s00604-018-3081-2ProductMPT64 protein
ServicesRecombinant Protein ProductionSystemBacterial Expression
MPT64 protein was obtained from detaibio.
Hua WW, Lou YM, Xu WY, et al. Batch affinity adsorption of His-tagged proteins with EDTA-based chitosan. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 2016, 100(2):879-891.
JournalAppl Microbiol BiotechnolIF(2021)4.813
ServicesRecombinant Protein ProductionSystemBacterial Expression
Kana-(His)6-NH2 protein (43 kDa) expressed in E. coli cytoplasm was provided by Nanjing Detai Bio-technology Co., Ltd.